The St. Louis Wellness Center is dedicated to complete health and wellness, integrating techniques that strengthen the whole person. We are home to a supportive group of professionals committed to nurturing client health and wellness.  We strive to offer the most beneficial services in our area, guiding psychological, physiological, and spiritual recovery and growth through comprehensive and holistic methods.


A holistic approach views mind, body, and spirit not as separate entities, but as integral parts. Wellness approaches in the holistic field are wholesome, healthy, and not harmful or toxic to any individual or the environment: They encourage balance and harmony for the individual, society and the planet. A holistic approach supports the practice of engaging in self-care and educating oneself about health.  It urges one to be both active in their own treatment and health care as well as daily life.


At the St. Louis Wellness Center, this is done through a variety of services including:

Mind Body Spirit

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychiatric Care

Addictions Counseling

Group Counseling

Couples and Family Counseling




Far-Infrared Sauna

Whole Body Vibration


Massage Therapy


Authentic Movement

Essential Oils

Spiritual Exploration and Awareness

Meditation Groups and Instruction

Shambhala Meditation Group

Being healthy does not necessarily mean the absence of disease or illness. It is about being willing and open to the pursuit of reaching ones potential. At the St. Louis Wellness Center this is done by addressing health through a multifaceted approach.


For general information, please call 314-963-7711.  If you are interested in seeing a specific provider, please contact them at the phone number listed on their profile.  





Introducing the St. Louis Wellness Center



We are now home to yoga and movement classes. Visit our yoga page for more information about upcoming class offerings.




If you have purchased a Groupon for our Far Infrared Sauna or Whole Body Vibration, have questions, or would like to make an appointment, you may call 314-963-7711.




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