What Does “360 Degrees of Wellness” Mean?

360 Degrees of Wellness

Total and complete Wellness involves attending to our total being: Mind, Body, and Spirit. It is not enough to care for one and ignore the other two: Attention and care toward each of our aspects help us stay healthy and reach our fullest potential. In our busy lives we can easily lose sight of being a brilliant human being. We get involved in family, work, trying to survive, or the latest interesting Netflix series and forget our own capabilities and needs. When we ignore our needs, our internal system is no longer at ease; we call this dis-ease. Knowing the many subtle and sophisticated ways in which the Mind, Body, and Spirit work together can provide a lifetime of Health and Wellness. At the St. Louis Wellness Center there are many providers who specialize in different aspects of health and wellness so you can learn what your system needs and how to effect the most change for your health.

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