The Fitness Dojo

The Fitness Dojo

The Fitness Dojo is a boutique personal training facility located inside the St. Louis Wellness Center

The Fitness Dojo was born of necessity

What necessity? The need for a gym that is unlike other gyms. Where how you lift is more important than how much. Where programs can meet the needs and goals of each person, be flexible enough to be done anywhere, and customized for an individual’s way of moving.

The Fitness Dojo is a place for learning and growth. You’ll know why the trainers have chosen each exercise for you, and you will progress as your form is mastered. The work isn’t pulled out of a hat or programmed by a person at a corporate office to be blasted to everyone in the country on a website.

Individualized approach to working out

Each client receives a movement assessment either over the internet or in our premier purpose-built facility. After strengths, weakness and goals are known, the program is designed. This prevents injury by not including exercises that can aggravate these weaknesses and ensures each person is not wasting their time doing something that doesn’t pertain to their goals. It doesn't matter if you have never stepped foot in a gym, or have had dozens of personal trainers in the past, we can help.

Their facility capacity is limited to 5 people at a time to ensure proper distancing. The Dojo offers Zoom classes and semi-private training for those who do not wish to come in or are in another state. No piece of equipment is touched by two people without being disinfected by staff, every time. The studio was built during the pandemic, not before, so our ventilation is top notch.

Why are they called The Fitness Dojo?

For personal trainers Steve Long and Sarah Spaulding, martial arts are a big part their lives and influence their training philosophy. “We do not teach martial arts; we are but students,” Sarah says.

With over 25 years combined experience and education in physical training, Sarah, Steve and Caitlin are “black belts” in general fitness and sports performance. Their goal is to instill values taken from martial arts such as respect for technique, courtesy, perseverance, confidence, self-value, striving for goals and reaching the next level when you are ready.

Dojo means “a place of learning” or “the place of the way.” Fitness is a way of life.

If you are interested in talking with one of the trainers about your goals and checking out the facility, they invite you to come check out The Fitness Dojo. Contact to set up a time to chat.

Check out their websiteFacebook or Instagram page to learn more about their way of fitness.

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