Structural Integration

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a scientifically validated method of restructuring the body through movement and touch. It was founded by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, who developed a system of organizing the body, enabling it to let go of holding patterns and habitual stress.

Structural Integration (SI), which is sometimes called Rolfing, considers gravity, physical structure, and individual habits (such as work-related posture and physical activities) to bring a person into his or her vertical alignment.

With Structural Integration, you can improve your body’s alignment, mechanics and energetics to:

  • Transform Your Body-Mind Self-Awareness
  • Improve your flexibility, posture and health
  • Let go of painful and stressful patterns
  • Energize confidence and powerful body language
  • Increase your personal effectiveness


This work is designed to have you experience how becoming more centered, balanced and present in your body can shift your energy, attitude and intention. Shifting your body can be a major key to generating greater health, unleashing your personal power and creating a powerful new approach to life.