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Stephanie Stewart


About Stephanie

Stephanie is an Anthropedia Certified Well-Being Coach. She received her training through Anthropedia and certification from St. Louis University College of Public Health & Social Justice & Anthropedia. Prior to her work as a well-being coach, Stephanie worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Well-being coaching utilizes the skills from her previous training in movement to help bring balance between mind and body. She is very passionate about helping people learn valuable skills for managing stress and feelings of being overwhelmed so they can live a more satisfying life.

Stephanie uses an integrative, whole-person approach to coaching that involves exploration in all aspects of being; body, thought and soul. Through this type of coaching clients will work to become more aware of and accepting of themselves, learn valuable coping skills for managing stress, effective ways to calm the mind and body, and increase their overall well-being. She guides clients through a curriculum called Know Yourself which was developed by Anthropedia Institute and is based on the latest research from mind-body medicine, personality development, and other mental health and well-being experts.

Stephanie is very intentional about creating an environment for growth that is collaborative, non-judgemental, compassionate and caring. Clients describe Stephanie's approach as calm, understanding and thoughtful. The goal in this type of coaching is your overall growth well-being.


Well-Being Coaching 
Stephanie will utilize a variety of specialties including the Know Yourself series, Body Awakening, Meditation, Cardiac Coherence, Temperament & Character Inventory (TCI) personality test, Awareness building exercises and Accountability.

Co-Active Coaching
Co-active coaching involves collaboration intended to assist clients as they build awareness around and discover solutions to problems that are creating resistance and preventing them from moving forward. In these sessions we will work toward goal setting that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timebound. This type of coaching is often done in tandem with well-being coaching to give clients support and accountability as they target more specific goals in life and work.

Stephanie works with individuals from teens in high school, college-age adults and adults.


Private Practice
Coaching through the Kirkwood Webster Well-Being Initiative

Services Provided

Well-Being Coaching
Co-Active Coaching

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