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Shelly Willett


About Shelly

Shelly Willett has a passion for helping people discover their most authentic self through Breathwork, Massage Therapy, and Consciousness Coaching. She is committed to being a pillar of Light for people who are on their own journey of expanding their consciousness. 

Shelly is a St. Louis native and grew up running the neighborhoods and had to be home when the street lights came on. She is the mother to two teenagers. And an alumna at St Louis Community College at Forest Park. 

Her healers’ journey started in 2007 when she began working at Barnes Jewish West County hospital as a Patient Care Technician. That is where she learned patience, compassion and empathy. The patience came as she walked elderly people to the bathroom, helped people put socks on, and listened to the one story that Alzheimer’s patients remembered. She learned compassion as she held space and hands when a patient passed away. The empathy came when she gave over 10,000 people a bath because they couldn’t do that for themselves in the moment. She also watched over 100,000 people breathe as she counted their respirations.

Shelly spent 10 years working in that hospital and loved every stressful day, even when she would take the patients’ stories home, and worried about them while she slept. She became a Reiki Master in 2013 and would share energy healing with every patient who agreed to it. She was constantly amazed at how people changed when they could just relax their bodies, even just a little bit. 

As she had gotten to know so many people in their most unwell space, she decided that she would like to learn a different skill, and impact people in a more profound way. She wanted to help people heal.



In 2016, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist and graduated from The Healing Arts Center, a Massage Therapy school in St. Louis. She worked at the hospital, and saw massage clients out of a Chiropractor’s office. She soon left the hospital to open her own massage practice.

She now offers: Swedish, Aromatherapy, Prenatal and Thai Massage.


As the always-learning student of life, she quickly discovered her true vocation after that: Breathwork.

Breathwork is a field of study and practice in which the conscious control of breathing is used to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

In 2017, she began her BreathWork calling. She attended The Healing Arts Center to study Transformative Breathwork, a conscious breathing technique that focuses on self healing through full, circular breathing, gentle movement, sound vibration and affirmations. Here she learned her own daily Breathwork practice. This is where she met Leonard Orr, the pioneer of breathwork, who came to speak to her class for a one-day seminar.

At the end of 2017, newly-married Shelly flew off to Virginia and studied Rebirthing Breathwork with Leonard Orr. This transformative practice focuses on maintaining a circular pattern of breath. It also maintains the belief that we create our own reality and encourages self development through self responsibility. The Birth Story is learned here, as is healing wounded memories of any Birth trauma.

In 2018, Shelly met Jim Morningstar, the creator of Therapeutic Breathwork, and has been training with him ever since. Therapeutic Breathwork is using conscious connected breathing to facilitate the opening of communication between the part of the body that may hold a trauma memory, or is numb from feeling and introduce breath into all areas of tension. We look at the body as its own healer. Here we begin to meet our own needs in a regulated way and reparent our inner child, as a healthy adult and breathe with Self Love and support ourselves fully as we reconnect with our inner landscape.

In 2019, Shelly became certified in Conscious Breathing for Trauma Recovery. This Breathwork uses a coherent breath and is intended for refugees, migrants, and victims of natural disasters. It’s also effective for health care workers, staff, and volunteers of relief organizations who are experiencing post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

In 2020, she began training in Bodywork for Trauma Resolution. This work helps the body release its stories of trauma with attention, movement, and presence.

Shelly calls herself Breath Mamma. You can check out her website HERE.


St Louis Community College @ Forest Park 2007
Kundalini Reiki Master training in St Louis, MO 2013
Licensed Massage Therapy at The Healing Arts Center in St Louis, MO 2016
Certified Breathwork Facilitator at The Healing Arts Center in St Louis, MO 2017
Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Training at Inspiration University in Waynesboro, VA 2017
Therapeutic Breathwork Training at Transformations, USA in Milwaukee, WI 2018
YoMassage Massage Therapist in Austin, TX 2019
Trauma Informed YoMassage Therapist in St Louis, MO 2019
Conscious Breathing for Trauma Recovery in Joshua Tree, CA 2019
Alchemical Alignment training (current) Trauma Sensitive Body Work. 2020

Services Provided

Massage therapy:

Swedish, Aromatherapy, Prenatal and Thai Massage

Therapeutic BreathWork


Breathwork introductory special through June 2020:

$100 for 90-minute session


$80 per hour

Scholarships available

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