Rhonda Mills

Rhonda Mills

About Rhonda

Rhonda is a joyous free spirit who is living her mission for the past 19 years: to explore what’s deeply essential, and share with individuals and groups to facilitate wholeness, embodied connection and creativity. Her trauma-informed classes, workshops and trainings create a space of compassion, safety, freedom and wondrous discovery.

Rhonda is an avid learner, infinitely curious about the intersection between consciousness, attention, embodiment, stillness, movement, connection, leadership and play. She delights in bringing her evolutionary embodiment work to individuals and groups, and exploring how she can catalyze cultural transformation.


After an international dance career including performing, choreography and teaching, Rhonda discovered yoga, meditation and ayurveda in 1999. A new focus was born at the intersection of her devotional spirituality, the ancient tradition of yoga, and modern influences of movement, mindfulness and creativity. In 2001, Rhonda began to teach yoga, and in 2003 she was initiated into the tradition of Sri Vidya by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute. She studied with and assisted ParaYoga founder Rod Stryker from 2003-2009.

Rhonda completed certifications as a Big Leap Coach in 2008, a Nonviolent Communication Trainer in 2009, a ParaYoga Level II Teacher (500-hour) in 2009, and a Transformational Leader in 2010. Rhonda credits the work of Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., through the Leadership & Transformation Training as a primary influence in her work, beginning in 2008 and continuing through today. Rhonda assisted Todd Norian, founder of Ashaya Yoga, at several workshops and Kripalu Tantra Conference (2016-2017). Since 2018, Rhonda is actively engaged in the online trainings and community of Thomas Huebl, studying meditation, Transparent Communication and how to be a “Mystic in the Marketplace.”

In addition to teaching yoga classes and coaching people, Rhonda facilitates groups in various bodymind modalities for people in treatment for eating disorders. She facilitated and co-facilitated several year-long foundational and advanced yoga teacher trainings each year from 2010-2018. Rhonda founded her own year-long coaching program ̶ the Facilitator of Embodied Transformation Training – and trained groups of coaches for three years (2015-2018).


Embodiment Coaching

With your willingness, it is possible to move through whatever is happening in your life and relationships toward what you most want — utilizing your breath, your body sensations, simple movement, and ancient practices to unlock your inner knowing and power. As you align with your felt sense of integrity through your body, each challenge met becomes a doorway to an increasingly grounded, complete sense of who you are, resourced in your innate wholeness, peace and joy. Through shared presence and safe relational space, you meet yourself deeply, and connect with your calling through your whole-body and whole-being.

Embodied integrity practices:
● Include stillness and movement, allowing you to explore and discover in multiple ways.
● Support you to inhabit your body, learn about your patterns and expand your possibilities.
● Expand your capacity to participate and engage more fully personally, relationally and culturally.

Note: Embodiment Coaching practices are shared in the monthly Playshop series— third Friday of each month.

Private Yoga / Meditation / Mindfulness Sessions

Private sessions are guided by the client’s needs and abilities and can include multiple sessions or be with the intention of receiving a specially designed personal practice.

Compassionate / Nonviolent Communication Training

Trainings are arranged based on the clients’ level of experience and goals, and can be for individuals or small groups.


Embodiment Coaching at Transformation Playground, LLC
Yoga & Meditation Teacher (group classes and personal practice) at Transformation Playground, LLC
Conflict Resolution & Communication Skills at Transformation Playground, LLC
Transformation Playground Dance Founder & Facilitator
Group Therapist at McCallum Place (treatment center for people with eating disorders), facilitating mindfulness, body image, art journaling, guided imagery, yoga and authentic movement.
Founder of Facilitator of Embodied Transformation Training in St. Louis, MO
Founder of Shanti Vision Yoga Teacher Training in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Founder of Celebrate Life Yoga Teacher Training in St. Louis, MO
Collaborator at Studio Gaia Yoga Teacher Trainings in Illinois
Group, Corporate and Private Trainings in Nonviolent Communication in the Central & Eastern United States

Services Provided

Embodiment Coaching

Private Yoga / Meditation / Mindfulness Sessions

Compassionate / Nonviolent Communication Training  

Embodied Integrity Playshops
Winter 2019-Spring 2020
Third Friday of the month:  6:30-8:30 p.m.
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