Reduced-fee services

Reduced-Fee Services

Most fields of study in the health and wellness industries require students to spend time honing their craft under the supervision of another licensed professional before practicing independently. After academic learning is mastered, a period of preparation and supervision is deemed necessary to ensure scholarly education is properly integrated into practice. It is during this time that the StLWC accepts the best students in their respective fields to work with clients under the supervision of our senior providers.

A mission of the St. Louis Wellness Center is providing services to people in need as best we can. While we can’t (yet) make ourselves available to everyone in need, we do our best to try to meet the demands and requests of as many folks as possible. Being able to offer reduced-fee services to those who might not otherwise receive assistance while also guiding newly trained providers is a win-win for everyone!

If you are interested in reduced-fee services, you can check below for details of current supervisees, and see if someone might be an appropriate fit for your needs. You can be assured, the student-intern or post-graduate intern will be under close supervision, receiving weekly feedback for the services being provided. Should you decide to consider this option, you may contact the intern directly or call the front desk of the StLWC at 314-963-7711 for the next steps.

Responsibilities for this arrangement include:

• Your therapy sessions will be video-recorded and occasionally watched by the supervisor.

• The session fee is $25.00, and a credit card on file is required.

• The intern’s supervisor is held to the same degree of confidentiality as the intern.

Our interns

Grace Smith, B.A,  M.Ed. candidate is offering reduced-fee therapy sessions. She is under supervision from Gwin Stewart, Ph.D., CRAADC, MARS.