Movement and Energy

Movement and Energy

Exploring the chakras and energy fields, developing chi, promoting healing through creativity, setting intentions for one’s life and finding ways to live with ease; these are some of the goals of Movement and Energy.

Through guided imagery, breath, qigong techniques, movement, stillness, music, silence, journaling/drawing, one learns to focus attention, relax and manifest. Gently conserve the seeds for the year, for this season of your life and allow change, invite it in, feel its spirit. Absorb yourself and nature; sink into the possibilities of life.

The chakras and energy fields are explored, cleansed, balanced and refreshed through various exercises of movement, imagery and intention.  The movement is both structured and improvisational with as much, or as little, activity as each person desires. Tapping, rubbing, acknowledging pressure points, are aspects of Moving Meditations.  Participants connect to the energy within their bodies, spirits and minds, focusing on it, directing it, listening to it, allowing it.

There is a release of stress, an increase in energy and an opportunity to incorporate some of the Moving Meditations into your everyday life, and the potential for creating/adding to a daily ritual.

The objectives of Moving Meditations are to:

  • Reinforce your intentions for life through creativity
  • Explore your chakras and energy fields
  • Move your energies to relax, reconfigure with ease and reinvigorate
  • Encourage, allow, listen to, the wisdom of the body
  • Promote change through intention
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