There are days we know we’ll look back on and smile. The kind of celebration where we want to look and feel our best, so we can share ourselves better with the people we love.

There are times we know we’re being photographed. Times we want to feel amazing and love the way we look, so we can look back with wonder at how beautiful we were when we were younger.

There are days we need a boost of confidence, a little help feeling like the incredible person we are inside.

For these days, we have makeup. We can make ourselves feel beautiful inside with the choices we make in how we look on the outside. Whether you need makeup application for a wedding, photo shoot or special event, or a makeup lesson to help achieve your dream style day to day, makeup gives us the power to manifest our best selves by allowing us to look in the mirror and feel confident with what we see.

Rikki Techner specializes in creating looks to make you feel confident. She takes the time to consult and truly listen to your wants and needs, in order to work with you in achieving the look that best suits your personality and preferences. With 12 years’ experience creating makeup looks for film and television, Rikki understands how makeup enhances character. Helping the world see you for the person you are inside is her passion.

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