Low-cost therapy

Low-Cost Therapy

Low-cost therapy sessions are available at the St. Louis Wellness Center with a therapist who is in training and under close supervision from Gwin Stewart, Ph.D., CRAADC, MARS. 

These intern therapists already have many hours of direct experience counseling patients, and are continuing their education with this stage of training. During the training and education of a future psychotherapist, receiving supervision from an experienced professional is essential to ensure that the therapist-in-training is able to provide the highest quality services possible, while also learning and fine-tuning their own practice of therapy.

Choosing to see a psychotherapy intern for your therapy sessions will mean three things:

• First, that you will pay a reduced rate for the services that you receive. At $25 per session, an intern is a great option for those seeking therapy on a limited budget.
• Second, your therapist will consult on a weekly basis with an experienced mentor who will assist them in deciding on the best course of action for your particular needs. But don’t worry – both your therapist and this mentor are bound by the same confidentiality.
• Lastly, you will be giving your therapist the opportunity to develop their skills and work towards becoming a seasoned professional.