Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative process that involves building awareness around present circumstances with a projection toward the future. Working with a coach can help you cultivate tools for managing stress and overwhelm, time management, setting and achieving personal and lifestyle goals, improving your relationship with yourself and much more. Coaching allows you to explore yourself and work toward becoming more aware of your resistances and blockages so that you can advance toward your goals one step at a time. Accountability is a big part of the coaching process and you and your coach will establish what that looks like specifically for you.

Well-Being Coaching

In well-being coaching, we use an integrative, whole person approach that involves incorporating each aspect of your being; body, thought and soul. The methods used in this coaching are research and evidence based proven to increase your overall well-being. This type of coaching is good for clients who are seeking to understand themselves better, have greater self-awareness and acceptance, learn tools for managing stress and anxiety, develop new skills for coping with changing lifestyle or transition moments, and get connected with what it means to live a satisfying life. In this type of coaching we will utilize a video based curriculum called Know Yourself, which was developed by Anthropedia Institute, and is based on the latest research from mind-body medicine, positive psychology, personality development, and other fields related to health and well-being. The goal in this type of coaching is your overall growth in well-being.

Co-Active Coaching

Co-Active coaching seeks to help clients become aware of, find solutions to, and take action on whatever is getting in the way of their success. Co-active coaching, sometimes referred to as life coaching, helps to create positive change around habits, patterns, and systems of daily life so that you can enjoy a more balanced, meaningful, and productive life. This type of coaching is great for people who are ready to identify goals and take action. Good goal setting requires that we take a look at what is going on presently in your life so that we can identify those things that are going well and what could use attention and improvement. The goal in co-active coaching changes from session to session and is centered around specific needs identified by the client through awareness building exercises.