Gwin Stewart

Gwin Stewart


Specializations & Experience

Dr. Gwin Stewart is extensively trained and experienced as a psychologist, a substance abuse counselor, and a
meditation instructor. The combination of these three areas produces a powerful method to help you explore your
concerns, develop understanding, and ultimately take control of your behaviors; resulting in a healthier, happier, more
fulfilling life. In order to engage in this process, Gwin uses the wisdom of your own body, mind, and spirit; gently guiding
you to discover the answers that seem far out of reach and locked away. She teaches you how to listen and understand
yourself. While your goals for therapy will be paramount, you will likely also learn to leave the past behind, not worry
about the future, and live freely in the present.

Gwin’s style is interactive and authentic; she is supportive, genuine, and real. Her blend of wisdom and compassion has
been described as “not being afraid to go into difficult or dark places while shining a light of hope and understanding
for me.”

Gwin engages in individual and group psychotherapy, supervises therapists for licensure, consults with other
professionals, presents publicly, teaches as adjunct faculty at Washington University and guides Shambhala Buddhist
Meditation. She is the Director of the St. Louis Wellness Center.


Gwin specializes in a number of separate and combined concerns people bring to therapy. Some of them include:

Trauma and Violence:
Childhood and adulthood - physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, ritual abuse, torture, bullying, rape,
domestic violence, sexual harassment, and having experienced natural disasters. Gwinworks with all aspects of
trauma, current and past, victims and offenders.

Both process and chemical – alcohol, prescription and illicit drugs, sex, eating and not-eating, self-injury. Gwin
works with people currently using, in early recover, and in longer-term recovery; with moderation, abstinence, and
questioning. Gwin is in relationship with local treatment centers and happy to facilitate transition of care if a
different level of care is required.

Life Transitions and Life Meaning:
Preparing for or having undergone changes such as moving, career and school changes, college preparation,
partnership or business adjustments, aging, death and deeper questions about humanity such as “What’s the point
of all this?” “What am I doing with my life?” “Is this where I thought I’d be in my life?” and “Why do I feel so (lost,
sad, confused, empty, different)?”

Many people who are gifted don’t realize this about themselves, but have felt different than others throughout
their lives. Your school grades or success are not necessarily an indicator of your giftedness. If you have questions
about your processing, learning, and interaction styles, this might be an area to explore.

“Working with your own mind” is a simple definition of meditation. Research describing the positive effects of
learning and using this age-old tool is growing daily. Recent studies look at the power of self-directed attention
that changes brain function as it relates to depression, anxiety, childhood and adulthood ADHD, alcohol and drug
abuse, aggression, and self-esteem. Gwin co-facilitates several styles of meditation and offers a weekly drop-in
Shambhala Buddhist meditation group open to all, which meets Sundays 11:00-1:00 p.m.


Gwin’s experience prior to creating the St. Louis Wellness Center has included working and supervising in:

• Psychiatric Hospitals – both private and public

• Prison Systems – Federal Bureau of Prisons, Missouri State Department of Corrections

• Academic Settings – University of Pittsburgh, Washington University, invited speaker to local colleges

• Private Practice of Psychotherapy – Created successful practices

Services Provided


Education & Outreach

Individual Psychotherapy

Meditation Instruction


Payment Options

Gwin is considered an“out-of
network” provider by insurance
companies and will provide you with
necessary paperwork and a diagnosis
in order for you to receive insurance
reimbursement for her services. She
can provide necessary paperwork for
your HSA use or tax itemization.

For her services you may pay by cash,
credit card, or check.

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