Winter Solstice Celebration with Yin Yoga and Sound Healing (Chris Yonker and Willow Beseda)

December 21, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
St Louis Wellness Center
425 Marshall Avenue 63119
Willow Beseda

Embrace your light during this years Winter Solstice with Chris Yonker and Willow Beseda.

This day of the year when the time of light is shortest is a traditional time to reflect and release what no longer serves us and open to greater possibility with the return of longer days with increased light. We will spend time in yoga and meditation supported by the crystal singing bowls as well as other sound healing modalities to engage in a personal release and renewal ceremony with a warm Sacred Cacao Elixir.

The sound bath will be woven by Willow using sacred sounds from the crystal and tibetan singing bowls, native american flute, celestial chimes, angelic vocal harmonics and soft mantra.

* This event is appropriate for students of all levels.

Limited to 40 students / $45 prepaid ticket / $50 at door

* Retreat located in the Shambhala Meditation Room at the St. Louis Wellness Center in Webster Groves, MO

About Chris Yonker–Chris first discovered yoga in the 70s and began studying and practicing in earnest in the early 90s when she became interested in teaching. She was cofounder of Big Bend Yoga Center in 1993 where she taught until 2003 when she opened Yoga Source. She discovered Yin Yoga in 2000 when she met Sarah Powers at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. Immediately drawn to the restful nature of the yin style and its capacity to help balance the busyness of modern life she began adding it to her classes in early 2001. As her personal practice has deepened over the years it has become her joy to introduce as well as facilitate understanding of this vital practice to new students and advanced practitioners.

About Willow Beseda–An enchanted spirit who weaves western, eastern and ancient wisdom/techniques into her lifes journey. Sharing the gift of being an instrument of sound, healing touch, and loving kindness for over 9 years. She will inspire and break you free from the roots of your pain, suffering and issues in the tissues through a variety of mastered modalities of taking you out of your mind and into your body using Sound Healing, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, Cacao Ceremonies & Meditation. Owner of Well Kneaded Massage & Enchanted Cacao and igniter of the eternal flame of love!

What is Yin Yoga? Yin yoga is a restorative practice where passive poses on the floor are held for a few minutes to gently enable the connective tissue of the body to be safely stimulated. This helps the muscle tissue have more fluid strength and enhances the flow of the life force through the subtle energy channels. The meditative nature of yin yoga encourages release of tension and stress and connection to inner quietude.

What is Cacao? Cacao is an indiginous bitter fruit, known as raw chocolate, from South America that has been said to be food of the Gods and the medicine of the shift. A plant medicine that brings balance to the whole systems as it is an adaptogen and powerful facilitator for spiritual growth, emotional release, physical nourishment, community and oneness blessings and more! Cacao is a nutrient rich superfood containing magnesium, iron, antioxidents and so on! A magical elixir to awaken the heart chakra allowing your to dive deep within and listen to your own soul secrets and wisdom openly. It release feels good endorphins in your brain and contains ananandide which is the bliss and ecsctacy feelings. Let infinite joy, peace, and love overflow with this indiginous and sacred medicine!

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