Embodied Integrity Playshop Series 1 of 3

January 17, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
St. Louis Wellness Center
425 Marshall Ave.
St. Louis
MO 63119
Rhonda Mills

Embodied Integrity Playshop Series

Three Friday evenings: Jan. 17, Feb. 21 and March 20

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Early bird discount by Dec. 31, 2019:  $70 for all three

When you are grounded in the ongoing movement of coming home within yourself regardless of your circumstances, you feel plugged in, resourced, and capable even when facing difficult situations in your personal life, work, or in the world around you.  In today’s world, (re)aligning in this way and connecting with others who are doing the same is increasingly fundamental to the your well-being and the well-being of our precious environment.

Whether you are a facilitator, healer, therapist, coach, activist, or simply want to bring your whole and best self into your personal relationships, this series will support you to refine your presence and capacities to be and do in alignment with your purpose.

The Embodied Integrity Playshop Series grounds you in embodied presence, which is the foundation for authenticity, resonant listening, taking responsibility and participating creatively in your life.

Playshop 1 – Jan. 17
Embodied Presence: a Gateway to Insight and Empowerment
Embodied presence is a tangible quality that we can feel, which creates space to relax, open, and connect.  Presence is a coming home to inhabit our bodies, hearts, and breath vs. something we do only with our minds.  When we are present, we strengthen our ability to receive insights, and tap into our inner wisdom. When we are present in our body-minds and valuing our presence, we are empowered, as our bodies, breath and nervous systems cohesively reflect our true experience.
Enjoy whole-body presencing practices such as:

  • Breathing to connect with yourself and increase self-acceptance
  • How to embody specific qualities through your breathing and gentle movement, i.e. grounding, softening, energizing, expanding, etc.
  • Integrating feelings and thoughts within your whole-body awareness
  • How turning toward your embodied experience supports trauma resolution
  • Circulating your attention to connect and relate with others
  • Being of service by radiating your presence, wherever you are
Playshop 2 – Feb. 21

Authentic Expression & Resonant Listening: Connecting Essence to Essence
Authenticity brings who and how we are into relationship, creating congruence between our experience and our expression, which strengthens impact.  Listening resonantly allows us to receive another person’s authentic expression.   The practices of authenticity and resonant listening dissolve communication blocks and create a resonant field of shared presence, connection and play more and more into our daily lives.

Enjoy whole-body practices such as:

  • Deepening your cohesiveness with experience and expressing
  • Connecting with the state of your nervous system as you express
  • Bad Listening Theater & Whole Body Listening
  • The connection between intention and listening
  • Authenticity and your Spirituality

Playshop 3 – March 20
Empowering Yourself & Claiming Your Ability to Respond: Responsibility
Responsibility is about presence and embodiment in *this* moment, allowing yourself to meet the moment from which you can discover your authentic response.  Blocks to responsibility include:  confusing it with blame or burden, fear which is often unconscious, and overwhelm.  Healthy responsibility is learned through modeling.  Given the widespread misunderstanding of what it is, there is no wonder we are surrounded today by many examples of avoidance and over- and under- responsibility.

Enjoy whole-body practices such as:

  • Refining your whole body recognition of blame states vs. embodied presence and responsibility, as well as how to shift gears
  • Speaking to what you notice, even in difficult situations, in ways that generate connection
  • Befriending and shifting conditioned reactivity
  • Expanding appreciation and capacity to be with the unknown
  • Deepening understanding of personal responsibility within the collective culture
  • Connecting responsibility with creativity and joy

Early Bird Tuition: Prepaid by Dec. 31, 2019 – $70

Sliding Scale Tuition for the Series:
Beginning Jan. 1, 2020
$75 Budget; $90 Sustainable; $108 Contributing

Send money to:  https://www.paypal.me/rhondamills

Or contact Rhonda at rhondaloveslife@gmail.com or 314-704-8456

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