Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop

Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop

April 11, 18 and 25 (Sundays from 4 to 6:30 p.m.)

The Enneagram of Personality is a tool for self-awareness and discovery. This three-part workshop gives an introduction to the personality typing system and goes further to explore the enneagram as a useful tool on the spiritual path to excavate essence, step into true purpose and cultivate joy. The enneagram is compatible with all faith traditions and a secular mindfulness practice. You don’t have to know your enneagram type before attending.

April 11 – Day One: Finding Your Type
• Context
• The Three Centers
• Overview of 9 Types
• Wings
• Passions and Fixations
• Holy Ideas
In this first workshop, we will explore the three centers (head, heart and body) and get an overview of all nine types, as well as wings. We’ll explore temperaments through the concepts of the passions, fixations and holy ideas as well. By the end of this workshop you should have a good understanding of type and some clear insights into your dominant type.

April 18 – Day Two: Finding Your Way in the World
• Childhood Wound
• Stress & Growth paths
• Subtypes: self-preservation, sexual, social
• Hornevian Triads
In this session we’ll go deeper into the enneagram as a tool for spiritual growth in relationships. We’ll explore the concept of the childhood wound, paths of stress and growth, as well as the subtypes that further distinguish our uniqueness. The focus of this session is how we find our way in the world based on our type, finding compassion for ourselves and others along the way.

April 25 – Day Three: Finding a Practice
• “Excavating true essence” – self
• “Stepping into true purpose” – community
• “Cultivating true joy” – unitive consciousness and the ground of being
Finally, in this last session we’ll explore the “So what?” of it all. What happens now? How do I use this understanding to move me further on the path of awakening? How can I find practices that help me to excavate my true essence, help me step into purpose and finally allow me to cultivate true joy?

The price is $90. The class can be taken online or in person in a socially distanced meeting room. Class size is limited for in-person but there are no limits for online participants. Contact Kelley Weber at 314-308-0861 or Payment can be made by Venmo or check.

Spiritual Director Kelley Weber is a student of Chris Heuertz, best-selling author of The Sacred Enneagram and The Enneagram of Belonging. She is working towards her International Enneagram Association accreditation. You can read more about her HERE.

Reframing Relationships — an EFT/Tapping workshop

Reframing Relationships

Whatever holidays and traditions you celebrate, the end of the calendar year is full of gatherings with family, friends and even colleagues. Most of us have a few (ore more!) relationships that really challenge us, and we struggle to not get triggered.

In this EFT Tapping workshop we’ll explore why we lose our equilibrium around certain people and what we can do to stay in our power, stay calm, and…(gasp) even enjoy ourselves around these people who seem to be in our lives simply to provoke us. You’ll learn how to see yourself and the prickly people in your life from a new perspective and how to use tapping to neutralize patterns, stories, and beliefs. No previous tapping experience is necessary.

$20. Led by certified EFT provider Alison Morris. Email to register. Limit 8 attendees.

Shake it Off!

Shake it Off: Group TRE class
This class is appropriate for those who have already attended the Introduction to TRE class (or who have learned to tremor on their own) and who wish to experience tremoring in a group. While most of us will primarily have a private TRE practice, tremoring in a group brings its own energy and can be a fun way to deepen and expand your experience with TRE.
If you have no experience with Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, you may attend this class but the instructor will likely not provide much in the way of background and we’ll be going through the exercises more quickly than in the Introduction to TRE class (on the first Saturday of the month).
Wear comfortable clothes and bring your yoga mat and water.

Led by certified TRE provider Alison Morris. Note: this is not appropriate for those with serious trauma histories (please reach out to Alison about private sessions.) $20. Limit 10 attendees.

Overcoming Overeating — a monthly EFT/Tapping Workshop

Overcoming Overeating — an EFT Tapping Workshop
We can’t avoid food. We need it to survive. We use it to celebrate. We use it to console. It’s everywhere. So it’s not surprising that many of us have a complicated relationship with food.

This is an ongoing, monthly tapping session to explore why we overeat, how we feel about food and ourselves, and how we can come into a place of compassion and acceptance around our emotions and the role of food in our lives. No prior tapping experience required.

Certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner Alison Morris teaches you how to use EFT Tapping in this monthly workshop.

$20. Email to register. Limit 8 attendees.

Introduction to EFT Tapping

Introduction to EFT Tapping 

Certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner Alison Morris teaches you how to use EFT Tapping and explore our personal narratives.

This is the perfect class to attend if you’ve never tried Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping). You’ll learn how EFT originated, hear about the growing body of research around both its effectiveness and how it works, and of course you’ll learn how to tap.

Tapping continues to grow in popularity as more and more people try it and find it works to help calm the nervous system, relieve physical symptoms, and even help you move past painful memories and fears of the future.

Bring a friend!

It’s $20. RSVP to or to 612-743-1729.

Workshop repeats on first Thursdays.

Introduction to TRE

Introduction to TRE

Certified TRE practitioner Alison Morris teaches you a series of exercises specifically designed to trigger the body’s innate tremor response, which can help you literally shake off tension and trauma that’s been stored in your body for months or even years.

TRE stands for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises. In this session you’ll learn a series of exercises specifically designed to trigger the body’s innate tremor response, which can help you literally shake off tension and trauma that’s been stored in your body for months or even years. There’s no need to “talk about it” or to remember any painful memories. Most people are able to tremor on their first attempt, and most people report feeling very relaxed after even a short tremor session. No prior tremoring experience required but this is not an appropriate workshop for those with serious trauma histories or active PTSD (Please reach out to certified TRE provider Alison Morris about private sessions.) It’s also not advised for those who are pregnant. Accommodations are available for those unable to perform certain exercises.

$20. Register by emailing Alison at

Workshop is every first Saturday of the month at the St. Louis Wellness Center.

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