Cyndy Donato

Cyndy Donato


Specializations & Experience

Cyndy helps people transform their lives to achieve greater success and satisfaction. Cyndy addresses the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the achievement of goals by building new awarenesses that improve confidence, direction and goal achievement in any aspect of life.

Adding to her more than 30 years of experience in leadership development and executive coaching, Cyndy is skilled in Kundalini
healing, still-mind meditation, dream interpretation and the application of Universal Laws. Combining the best of practical leadership success with the alignment of the inner self, she aids her clients to transform every aspect of their lives.

Cyndy has traveled extensively both personally and professionally throughout Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Americas. She has two adult children and lives in the City of St. Louis.


Cyndy’s experience includes:

• Teacher, School of Metaphysics, received Responderé

• Private Practice– Created successful practices

Cyndy holds Top Secret Clearance. She is an alumna of Delta Mu Delta.

Services Provided

Life Coaching

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For her services you may pay by
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