Caitlin Baechle

Caitlin Baechle


Specializations & Experience

As a personal trainer, Caitlin's No. 1 priority is keeping her clients safe and pain free while working towards their goals. She believes that exercise is a healthy way to challenge yourself both in and outside of the gym.

Caitlin's passion for working out started young. She was one of the smaller kids in school, always picked second to last for dodgeball. She discovered the weight room helped her build confidence. Her passion for dance and soccer as she was growing up also helped develop her passion in fitness and allow her to share personal joy in physical improvement with clients every day.

She feels a calling to pass along her knowledge and encouragement to help others make positive changes for themselves mentally and physically.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine—CPT
  • Functional Movement Systems

Services Provided

Personal Training

Caitlin is part of The Fitness Dojo group. Please contact them at for more information.


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