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Ann Netzer


About Ann

Ann Netzer, LCSW uses a client-centered, collaborative approach to promote understanding and restoration of choice in your life. She enjoys working with people who are pursuing career changes, creative endeavors, women's issues, including pregnancy and postpartum, and guiding clients through recovery from trauma. Ann has experience working with individuals and couples through life transitions, including gender identity and sexuality exploration (LGBTQ+) and in helping alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Since the pandemic, she’s enjoyed working with healthcare workers, as they have given so much the past 2+ years.

Ann is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Missouri and Illinois with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Saint Louis University. She has worked in the mental health field in a variety of settings for over 10 years.  Seeing clients recover from anxiety, trauma and depression and find a renewed sense of purpose, connection and trust is her passion.

“It is my hope through thoughtful conversation and tailored interventions to create a safe space where you can engage with life’s challenges in an open and curious manner. The process of self-discovery can be painful, joyful, terrifying and exhilarating. I'm honored to walk beside you in this journey.”


Anxiety: Do you suffer from social anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, performance anxiety or worry about the overall state of our world today?  Ann uses grounding and mindfulness skills to aid a person in feeling a greater sense of stability and safety in their body to be with challenging feelings as they arise.

Trauma: Have you experienced childhood and adulthood trauma, bullying, sexual assault, physical violence or grown up in a non-affirming environment?  Ann believes part of life is accepting that we have all experienced trauma at some point in our lives.  And, there is strength in recognizing this and gaining insight into how this affects us.  Emphasizing choice and empowerment, Ann allows you to approach your trauma on your terms providing validation, gentle support and relief.

Depression: Are you experiencing grief, pregnancy, post-partum, low motivation or feeling like everything is “too much” in life?  Ann works to reframe depression as an understanding of unmet needs in one’s life. Often, we fear becoming angry and take steps to suppress this emotion.  However, healthy expressions of anger can inform us of our needs and where our boundaries lie.  Anger can also be a source of our motivation, providing us with the drive necessary to pursue what we want.

Life Transitions: Are you considering a new career, creative endeavor or are you an entrepreneur?  Ann uses values-driven methods to help clients clarify their wants and needs, and challenges them to *live into* the lives they’ve imagined. This involves being able to recognize and respect BIG feelings as lamps or guideposts to what we want, instead of barriers to be overcome.

Couples Therapy: Do you feel like you’ve lost connection with your partner and are no longer speaking the same language or on each other’s team?  Ann focuses on empowering each partner within a couple becoming aware of and speaking clearly to their feelings, and thoroughly understanding their patterns and relational history in order to experience greater choice.


Ann’s experience includes working and supervising in the following settings:

• Private practice – as owner/practitioner and supervisor

• Substance use – residential and outpatient – as therapist and supervisor – Queen of Peace Center, St. Louis

• Hospital system – WISH Center at SSM St. Mary’s Hospital, St. Louis

• Psychiatric hospital – inpatient and outpatient – Mercy South in St. Louis

• Court systems – Lead Therapist for MacArthur Grant, St. Louis County; St. Louis City Family Courts; Drug Court (St. Louis City & County)

Services Provided

• Individual Therapy

• Couples Therapy

Payment Options

Ann accepts credit card payment using Ivy Pay, which will provide a Good Faith Estimate for services (up to one year).  All major credit cards as well as FSA/HSA payments may be used with this app.

While Ann is out of network, she is "insurance friendly"!  This means that superbills are able to be provided following sessions, which will give you a diagnosis and the necessary paperwork to pursue reimbursement through your insurance provider.

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