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Sound Therapist, NETT

About Vince

Vince has been doing sound healing since 2009. He has group crystal bowl attunements on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the St. Louis Wellness Center. He does private and remote sessions as well. His passion for sound healing started 13 years ago in a group healing when a crystal bowl was played and the vibrations created an experience of total relaxation. He has studied with Tom Kenyon in sound healing intensives and Dr. Paul Hubbard in holographic sound healing.

Vince is a shaman; his method comes directly from spirit. Shamanic sound healing creates high vibrational frequencies in order to strengthen and/or heal the energy body doing this in 2 primary ways: through the sounds themselves and through inducing meditative or trance states to access non-physical realities. Healing can be preventative (keeping your healthy energy body healthy) or therapeutic (healing an unhealthy energy body). All dis-ease is ultimately the result of frequencies not in harmony within the energy body. The energy body includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual elements.
Awareness and intention are just as important as sound. Sound acts as a carrier frequency for the healing intentions. In fact, sound acts as a carrier frequency for the shaman’s healing intentions.

Vince created an hour-long meditation CD in a professional recording studio that is very similar to a live bowl session. This CD may be used to facilitate healing, reduce stress, and help with relaxation between live bowl sessions.
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Vince works with groups and individuals for specializations such as:

Crystal Bowl Sound Attunement: Vince’s crystal bowl attunements are designed for beginner’s to demonstrate how experiencing a deep state of relaxation is an integral part of healing. Some of the benefits of sound healing besides overall relaxation include: an increased resistance to stress, boosted energy levels, strengthens will power in one's creative talents, allows one to overcome addictive patterns, alleviates psychosomatic pain, improves digestion, and this practice re-balances the autonomic nervous system and brings the body, mind and spirit to a state of balance. Sound healing affects the cellular expression of wellness.

Group Crystal Bowl Meditation Sessions
If you would like to experience this with a group, here is our next Crystal Sound Bowl Healing Session:

When: 2nd Saturday of Every Month
Time: 10:30 a.m. - Noon
Price: $20.00
Where: St. Louis Wellness Center, 425 Marshall Ave., St. Louis, MO 63119

Follow the wheelchair access ramp behind the building up to the single door for entry.

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Private Crystal Bowl Meditation Sessions
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• Center for Energy Therapies and Massage - 2006-2017
• St. Louis Wellness Center - 2018-present
• Private Practice – Created successful practices

Services Provided

Sound Therapy

NETT (energy modality)

Wellness Coaching

Physical and Energy Recovery

Shamanic Sound Healing
(Humans & Animals)

Crystal Bowl Attunements


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Group Crystal Bowl Sessions

For his services you may pay by
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