Laura Peroutka

Laura Peroutka


Specializations & Experience

Laura has 9 years of experience working at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver. There she gained expertise in
treating eating disorders, co-occuring disorders such as mood disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders, post
traumatic stress disorder, grief & loss, and difficulties with identify and life transitions. She also has experience
working with families struggling from domestic violence and works with children and adolescents with developmental
and behavioral disorders. Her work experience also includes teaching art to groups of children and adolescents.

Through her work as an art therapist she has been able to witness the healing potential in art-making, the guidance
towards growth through insight gained from imagery, and the joy of sharing creative experiences with others. Laura
has facilitated art therapy assessments to assist in conceptualizing clients’ presenting problems, assess one’s current
level of functioning, and to help establish more meaningful treatment goals. She has educated the local community
and national audiences at conferences, universities, and workshops on art therapy and eating disorders, with particular
interest in binge eating disorder, trauma, and body image.

Laura works to heal the whole person(s) through a focus on the mind/body/spirit connection. She supports clients to
live a life with peace of mind and believe in individual empowerment to make healthy choices. Her desire is to help
others approach experiences with curiosity and to seek out the simple joys life may have to offer when we are truly
connected to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Through verbal discussion and/or artistic expression we will explore:

MIND: Shift self-criticism to self-curiosity, challenge fears that prevent change, understand core beliefs & unhealthy
thinking patterns

BODY: Relieve tension, create concrete expressions of internal experience, self- soothe, practice emotion
regulation, develop distress tolerance skills

SPIRIT: Identify authentic self & values, enhance relationships (to self and others), discover your own inner healer,
connect to universal human experiences such as joy and grief, explore spiritual connections

We will build from what you already know about yourself and add new awareness in order to move into the future with
confidence. We will explore the fears that keep you feeling stuck, inadequate, confused, powerless or hopeless. We will
practice acceptance and compassion towards yourself rather than judgment and criticism. We will set attainable goals
and take pride in the little steps. You will be encouraged to reconnect to your authentic values that provide a guide
rather than a destination for your future.


Laura practices with many specialties such as:

Individual Counseling:
Uses a holistic approach

Uses a family-based approach.

Art Therapy

Eating Disorders

Mood Disorders

Substance Abuse

Personality Disorders


Grief and Loss

Life Transitions


Laura’s experience includes:

• Private Practice– Created successful practices

Services Provided

Art Therapy

Individual Counseling


Payment Options

For her services you may pay by cash,
credit card, or check.

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