After 15 years in the field, Jessica is still inspired by the integrity and courage it takes to even consider an investment in counseling or coaching. She loves helping clients turn-off their inner-critic, improve their sense of security and move through stress with a new sense of connectedness and purpose. She has trained in classical psychological techniques as well as those applying the latest neuroscience. She uses a blend of methods to help clients interrupt the habit of business as usual that often blocks long-lasting change.

Jessica received her masters degree in applied psychology from New York University and a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has completed certification training for mediation at Columbia University School of Law and Chicago Center for Conflict Resolution.


Please visit Jessica's practice website at www.jessicakiesler.com for more information before your first appointment.

You may also visit her educational website www.thevisibleself.com for articles and information about mindful relationships.

Services Provided

Whether you've tried other strategies before or are simply looking to fine-tune some improvements, Jessica's practice focuses on...

Habits - Let go of unhealthy relationships with food, over-working, over-spending or other out-of-balance habits.

Relationships - Stop power-struggling, yelling or distancing, and cultivate satisfying connection in your relationships.

Wellbeing - Take control of stress and busyness and create a life of choices rather than “have-to’s”

Jessica's training includes mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, neuroplasticity and psychodynamic therapies. She specializes in individual relationship concerns, anxiety, overeating or other habits, relationship conflict, parenting stress, work stress, mindfulness training, personal growth and emotional intelligence.

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