Individual Therapy

Anyone may seek individual therapy, at any time in their lives, and for any reason.  Some potential clients may be seeking a fresh perspective and an empathetic listener, while others may need support to make major changes in their lives.  Whatever the reason, the first step is to make the decision to seek help and contact a therapist.

Individual therapy facilitates the exploration and resolution of personal problems and issues, through collaboration between a client and a therapist.  The process can take on many forms, depending on the therapist’s approach to therapy and the clients’ needs.  Some therapy may be brief and focused on changing behaviors, while other forms may involve lengthy discussions about the client’s history in an effort to understand the root of one’s current concerns.  There are many different orientations, or styles of therapy available and therapists often utilize their own unique mix of approaches and therapeutic techniques.  It is important that clients find a therapist that suits their individual needs.

It is important to realize that therapy will be hard work, and will ask the client to explore their thoughts and feelings.  The success of the client’s treatment relies heavily on the client’s willingness to be honest, take responsibility, and have courage to make necessary changes.