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Holly Schmitt

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About Holly

Holly's interest in Shamanic Practice dates back to 1984 when completing her bachelor's degrees in Anthropology and Spanish. During the next 35 years she traveled the world, participated in Lakota & other ceremonies, learned to meditate, raised two children and provided counseling privately, in schools, hospitals and agencies. Finally, in 2017 she was able to dive into Shamanic study and is delighted to now offer healing sessions in this rich, ancient tradition.


Holly is certified by the Four Winds Light Body School. This type of energy medicine comes from the Q'ero people of the Andes.

According to oral history, when the Spanish conquered Peru, a tribe of 600 took refuge in the high mountains. There they guarded for centuries their sacred knowledge of healing and right relations with nature. These Q'ero had a prophesy that their traditions would be crucial for the preservation of our planet and human health in times to come. The time came in 1949 when, as per historians, the Q'ero descended into Cuzco and were welcomed by crowds who had awaited them for 500 years. Since then, the Q'ero Shaman have been reaching out to the world community to share their wisdom and energy healing tools, and you can now benefit.

Benefits/When to use this healing approach:

• To clear the old and invite in the new on your path to your luminous nature
• Connect:  Attend soul loss or loss of your bond to the sacred
• Find your greater destiny:  Address lack of purpose or limited perspective
• Get “unstuck”:  For when talking about it doesn't help
• Release unhealthy patterns or mystery symptoms doctors cannot explain or treat
• Efficient change:  good for when it's time for big change, or to find balance from big change.

When not to use this healing modality:

• When one is actively psychotic, or when past energy/spiritually oriented work has lead to mental imbalance.


Four Winds Light Body School, Chile: 300-hour certification in  Shamanic Energy Medicine Practice (2018)

Arizona State University: Masters in Clinical Social Work  (1989)

Hakomi Institute, Boulder, CO:  Body center psychotherapy training  (1986)

Naropa,  Boulder, CO:  Classes in movement & philosophy

UMSL: Bachelor's of arts in Anthropology & Spanish (1984)

University of Seville, Spain:  1 year philology (study of languages)

Prescott,  Arequipa, Peru:  Year as exchange student


Shamanic Energy Medicine


1-hour session $130
No sliding scale available

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