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Specializations & Experience

Ashley works from an integrative, holistic perspective. She uses her understanding of the brain, physiology, and
family systems to guide her therapeutic approach. She bases much of her work on the principle of feedback, the
process in which information related to the individual that was previously outside of their awareness is shown to
the individual. While this process is a pillar of talk therapy, it is also engaged in Bio-feedback.

Overall, as a therapist, Ashley looks at the interplay of biological systems within the individual, the systems
surrounding the individual, the context of symptoms, and the strengths of the individual when working towards
treatment goals. She believes using technology that directly assesses neuro-biological patterns enhances one’s
capacity for understanding, accessing change, and achieving treatment goals. She has experienced biofeedback
as an empowering method that gives individuals an avenue to change themselves through the technology. She
utilizes feedback principles to equip a person to address and work with one’s biology directly, enhancing treatment
outcomes. Ashley has found that biofeedback in conjunction with talk therapy is often more efficient for helping
clients move towards the personal growth and change they seek.


Ashley uses her understanding of the brain, physiology, and family systems to guide her therapeutic techniques
such as:

Biofeedback uses advanced computer technology to give information to you about your biology, such as heart
and breathing rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, and muscle activity. Biofeedback allows you to see these
physiological responses that relate to medical conditions such as stress, hypertension, anxiety, chronic pain, and
much more. Ashley then works with you to gain control over these responses in order to achieve the long-term
results of alleviating a condition's uncomfortable and/or painful side effects.

Through an advanced feedback loop, a person learns to shift their own biology in response to the new
information, resulting in greater awareness and improved regulation. This simple yet powerful process enacts
changes through the principles of shaping and reinforcement-based learning (termed operant conditioning),
which engages the dopamine reward network in the brain that is integral in learning and motivation.

Neurofeedback gives information based on the individual’s brain waves through use of EEG. EEG is a brainwave
assessment or a mini-mapping of the brain which uncovers areas of dysregulation; this is used to improve brain
wave activity for treating neurological conditions such as ADHD, stress/anxiety, sleep disorders, migraines, head
injuries, and many more.

A once a week appointment with Ashley will entail using the EEG program to immediately see results about your
brainwave activity. She then works with you and the EEG to move your brainwave activity into more desired or
controlled patterns. Neurofeedback is not considered a cure but offers a way to train or regulate the functions of
the brain to work in a healthier manner.


Ashley’s experience includes:

• Biofeedback, qEEG, and neurofeedback – 10 years of clinical experience, and over 8 years of experience

• University counseling center

• Hospital in-patient setting

• Residential treatment center

• Community counseling agency

• Non-profit counseling agency

• Private Practice– Created successful practices

Services Provided

Individual Psychotherapy



Payment Options

Ashley is considered an
“out-of-network” provider by
insurance companies and will
provide you with necessary
paperwork and a diagnosis in order
for you to receive insurance
reimbursement for her services.

Neurofeedback Evaluation:
- 19 channel qEEG assessment:
- 5 channel qEEG assessment:
$195.00 (neurofeedback clients only)

Psychotherapy, Biofeedback,
Neurofeedback Session Fee:

- $150.00 for 50min
- $80.00 for 25min (Biofeedback &
Neurofeedback only)

For her services you may pay by
cash, credit card, or check.

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