Art Therapy

Art therapy offers a holistic approach to healing by focusing on various levels of functioning and experience. Raised on Bob Ross’s brilliant “Joy of Painting” philosophy. Laura Peroutka loves sharing how surprisingly simple, enjoyable, and healing art-making can be. Once preconceived ideas of “art” and critical self-judgments are cast aside individuals can find the childlike joy of creating. The process is simple, the benefits are vast. Laura is compassionate and understanding of the fears and struggles in making art and knows that while EVERYONE can be an artist, not everyone believes it.

As a trained art therapist Laura is able to help individuals take creating art a step further from creating a “pretty” product. She views the outcomes and potential benefits of art making on a continuum. At times art allows us to experience joy, a release of tension, and experience a sense of pride in creative production. Art-making is inherently mindful and therefore becomes a space for mindfulness, centering, grounding and containment.

Finally, creative expression offers a language for the unspoken and inspires insights into our internal and emotional experience. Laura’s training in art therapy, art history, sociology and studio arts allows her to help individuals find their unique creative language and find comfort is using their visual voice. She is able to assess the complex dynamics of an individual’s creative process, the intensity and power of his/her imagery, and the expressive aspects of artistic creation.